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DoReMi Workshop:
   » "Low dose radiation effects on the immune system: current knowledge and future
        research needs" was organized on 5-7 November 2013 in Budapest, Hungary

   » More information here »»

STAR - Strategy for Allied Radioecology has opened a competitive call for new partners.
   This call for research proposals is aimed at addressing current issues on any human or
   environmental aspect of marine radioecology following the 2011 Great Earthquake and

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STAR – Strategy for Allied Radioecology has recently published an updated SRA.
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Report on DoReMi activities (2nd reporting period, 1 Jul. 2011 – 31 Dec. 2012)

DoReMi Radiation Quality Workshop, July 2013

Open Project for European Radiation Research Area (OPERRA).
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"HPA's Advisory Group on Ionising Radiation (AGIR) has recently published a report
   on Human Radiosensitivity"

Available for download from HPA website »»

"Ten new partners joined the DoReMi consortium"
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» "Training course in Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry" organized at Neuherberg,
   Germany in Nov. 2013

» "Inter-individual responses to low dose ionizing radiation: from damage formation to
   biomarkers " organized at Paris, France in Dec. 2013

Public consultation on "European Metrology Research Programme under Horizon 2020"
   open until 23 December 2012

   » More information about the Article 185 initiatives is available here »»

The proceedings of the EU Scientific Seminar 2011 on Individual Radiosensitivity
   have been published in the Radiation Protection Series of the European Commission
   as RP171

   » For more information, please go to "Review Articles" section »»

Optical imaging course will be open to PhD students and post docs from
   outside Erasmus MC.

   » More information about this course »»

Webinar will be hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and
   Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) August 30 2012 at 3:00 PM EDT.
   A vast amount of Epidemiologic Data Resource available now and open to
   the public.

   » More information about this webinar »»

New Euratom Work programme and Call fiche have been published:

   » Two PhD positions are available at the Helmholtz Zentrum München (Neuherberg, Germany)
   » A permanent position is available at the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety
      (Fontenay Aux Roses, France)

   » "Ionizing radiation biomarkers for potential use in epidemiological studies"

The Board of the MELODI Association has decided to offer a reward of 4000€ to a young researcher working on
       the effects of low dose radiation effects.

   » Application deadline: 30 June 2012.
   » More information

More information about the use of radiobiology archives in this article recently published in Nature News.[Nature]

In a recent editorial, Nature commented on the joint DoReMi-STORE workshop on Sharing Data and Biomaterials
       from Radiation Science that was held in Rome in January 2012.
   » More information about this workshop »»

The 2012 Euratom work programme have been published:
   » Call fiche
   » Work Program 2012

3rd MELODI Workshop was held on 2-4 Nov. 2011 in Rome, Italy
   » DoReMi presentation: "The EU NoE DoReMi – where are we now?"

   » "Repeated exposure of human fibroblasts to ionizing radiation reveals an adaptive response that is not mediated
      by interleukin-6 or TGF-β"
   » "Response to low dose of X-irradiation is p53-dependent in a papillary thyroid carcinoma model system"

Report on DoReMi early activities (1st reporting period, 1 Jan. 2010 – 30 Jun. 2011)

TRA Statement: Where are we now ?

1st Periodic meeting of DoReMi was held on 4‐6 July 2011 in Brussels, Belgium