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                                          Third Periodic Meeting


The 3rd Periodic meeting of DoReMi – Low Dose Research towards Multidisciplinary Integration was held on 8‐10 July 2014 in Munich, Germany.

Representatives from all DoReMi beneficiary organisations and from other Euratom‐funded projects in the field of radiation protection as well as the members of the External Advisory Board (EAB)  were invited to participate in the meeting.

Dr. Averbeck (WP2 reporting period 3: months 37- 56)
Dr. Badie (Task 5.3 The dynamics of pre-neoplastic change and clonal development in mouse AML)
Dr. Bethel (Assembly of Internal Radiation Doses in the UK )
Dr. Campa (Gamma Irradiation Facility For Low/Dose Rate In Vitro Biological Studies)
Dr. Candéias (Task 2.3 Establishing and updating the Joint Programme of Speading Excellence)
Dr. Anastasov (Contribution of non-coding genome to susceptibility at low doses)
Dr. Eidemüller (Task 6.3: Modelling on the effects on risk prediction models due to changes in biological processes
influenced by genetic variability)

Dr. Ellender (Effects of Chronic Low-dose Gamma Irradiation on Gastrointestinal Tumorigenesis "CLOGIGAT")
Dr. Gaipl (ModInIr: Modulation of Inflammation by low and moderate dose Ionising irradiation WP5)
Dr. Grosche (STORE – a data-sharing infrastructure for radiobiology and radiation epidemiology)
Dr. Laurier (DoReMi WP5 Task 5.8: Progress of the CURE project)

Dr. Pressyanov (Task 4.10: Laboratory infrastructure for retrospective radon and thoron dosimetry)
Dr. Unger (Molecular measurements for radiation-induced PTC risk modelling)

Dr. Wunderlich (Low and Moderate Dose of Ionising Radiation up to 2Gy Modulates Transmigration and Chemotaxis of Activated Macrophages, Provokes an Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Milieu, but does not Impact on Viability and Phagocytic Behaviour)
Dr. Yentrapalli (Chronic low-dose rates induce premature senescence in endothelial cells)