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Masters in Radiation Biology, Technical University Munich, starting date WS15, registration open now.

The Technical University of Munich will start a Masters degree course in Radiation Biology in October 2015, following on from the European MSc course. The two year degree course will start in October 2015, will be taught in the English language, and charges NO tuition fees.

Registration is open but closes at the end of this month. Interested graduates holding (or expecting) a good bachelor or medical degree are encouraged to register their interest online. Final application formalities (certificates etc.) can be uploaded at a later date poor to the start of the academic year, but you must register your interest before the end of the month.


Prof. Mike Atkinson is happy to answer questions by email or telephone:
Prof. Mike Atkinson
Director, Institute of Radiation Biology
Chair of Radiation Biology,
Technical University of Munich
Office: +49 89 3187 2983

The following courses will be held between September 2014 and
   June 2015:



Overall purpose of the DoReMi T+E initiatives

To help attract and support the top-level well-trained research scientists who will spear-head the low-dose radiation risk research community for the coming decades;

  • To contribute to dissemination of the DoReMi RTD through T+E courses and events based at the centres of excellence in the DoReMi consortium;
  • To facilitate the networking of training and research institutions by focusing on multi-centre events and courses;
  • To provide funding support to T+E in a way that maximally benefits both the DoReMi RTD programme and also the larger European research community in the longer term.

Develop a portfolio of support initiatives that includes:

» Support for short-course single topic modules;

» Support for Bologna-compliant multi-institution degree course/s

» Support for multi-institution PhD programmes

» Career-path support (“DoReMi fellow/s”)

» Support for workshops, summer schools, infrastructure access tutorials

» Ad hoc travel grants, student transfer, etc.

Develop a sustainability strategy in collaboration with the MELODI platform to ensure support for low-dose radiation risk T+E beyond the completion of DoReMi.

Short courses on research into radiobiological effects of exposure to low doses of ionising radiation

DoReMi is a Euratom-funded Network of Excellence set up to promote and integrate European research into the risks of exposure to low doses of ionising radiation. In addition, DoReMi will facilitate and promote training and education in support of the research programme within the project, and also make more widely available training opportunities in order to help attract top-level students into the field.

DoReMi Training Courses will be open to any postgraduate student or researcher interested in a research career in the scientific disciplines related to radiation protection.  Students outside EU can be accepted if there is space.  The admission will be decided case by case.

Following the successful series of short courses sponsored by DoReMi in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, a further series of courses on single topics related to the research programme will be held between September 2014 and June 2015.

The courses to be held are:

  • 1 - 5 Sept 2014: Training course on data interpretation and uncertainty analysis for the combined low dose radiation research disciplines (PHE/OBU)
        » PHE/OBU course Flyer
  • 3 - 21 Nov 2014: Training course on Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry (HMGU)
        » HMGU course Flyer
  • 8 - 19 Dec 2014: Inter-individual responses to low dose ionizing radiation: from damage formation to biomarkers (IC, CEA)
        » IC/CEA course Flyer
        » IC/CEA course Programme
        » IC/CEA course Poster
        » IC/CEA course Practical Details
        » IC/CEA course Application Form
  • 9 - 20 March 2015: Radiation-induced effects with particular emphasis on genetics, development, teratology, cognition as well as space-related health issues (SCK-CEN)
        » SCK-CEN announcement and programme (Coming soon)
  • 13 - 24 April 2015: Training course in molecular mechanism of radiation carcinogenesis (HMGU)
        » HMGU) course Flyer (Coming soon)
  • 13 - 24 April 2015: Cellular effects of low doses and low dose-rates with focus on DNA damage and stress response (SU)
        » SU course announcement and programme (Coming soon)
  • April - June 2015: (5 days, date and venue TBC) An introduction to systems biology for radiation protection (HMGU)
        » HMGU course announcement and programme (Coming soon)
  • 25 May - 5 June 2015: Modelling radiation effects from initial physical events (UniPv)
        » UniPv course announcement (Coming soon)
  • 8 - 15 June 2015: Assessing Risk to Man and Environment (CERAD/NMBU/SU)
        » CERAD/NMBU/SU course announcement (Coming soon)
  • 8 - 15 June 2015: InterRad: Interdisciplinary radiation research (BfS)   
    BFS course announcement and programme (Coming soon)

There will be no course fee. There will also be some limited support for accommodation costs at most of the participating institutions.

More information will be avilable in the next weeks

Past Courses

2011-2012-2012-2013 -2013-2014

Hi ghlights

Other Courses

Interaction of radiation with matter

Interaction of radiation with matter – A course for PhD students in radiation physics, medical radiation physics, radiation biology, and medical physics will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on September 2013.

More information about this meeting:
 » Flyer

3rd Microbeam Training Course at RARAF

The third RARAF microbeam training course will be held at Columbia University's Nevis Laboratory in Irvington, New York, USA from 20 to 22 May 2013

More information about this course:
 » Microbeam training course 2013 Flyer

2nd Microbeam Training Course at RARAF

The second RARAF microbeam training course was held at Columbia University's Nevis Laboratory in Irvington, New York, USA from 19 to 21 March 2012

More information about this course:
 » Microbeam training course 2012 Flyer

Optical imaging course at Erasmus MC

Optical imaging course will be open to PhD students and post docs from outside Erasmus MC. The next version of this course will be in the fall of 2012 (the precise dates will be fixed soon).

Participants from DoReMi will be charged the regular academic fee and will have to
pay their own travel and subsistence during the course.

                                                  More information about this course:
                                                   » Erasmus MC website