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The primary purpose of DoReMi Transitional Research Agenda (TRA) is to guide the planning, prioritization and facilitation of research activities. The existing DoReMi work plan will be taken as the starting point. The TRA also provides an overview of new areas in which the project hopes to develop research activities within its 6 years time span. While this is primarily a document for internal project use, it is anticipated that it is likely to provide an important input into the MELODI Strategic Research Agenda (SRA, http://www.melodi-online.eu/SRA.pdf ) and quite possibly into the prioritization of issues to be addressed in longer terms by institutions and organizations in the field including relevant funding bodies.

The DoReMi TRA needs regular updating since it wants to reflect as much as possible the current issues in low dose risk research. It is evolving as new information is gathered in dedicated scientific meetings and workshops. However, the views and interests of the wider scientific community and the public are also necessary. Your opinion is needed. You can participate in this process and express your comments and suggestion by sending a mail to doremi@stuk.fi, specifying, "Comment on DoReMi" in the heading on your mail.


About Low dose Transitional Research Agenda

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Transitional Research Agenda – where are we now?

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