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» Structuring MELODI

» DoReMi Barometer of publications – Version 4 – March 2016

Relationship between DoReMi and MELODI

Workpackage WP2 has a central role in the DoReMi Network of Excellence. In order to address the questions "how robust is our present system of radioprotection?" and "how can it possibly be improved?", the High Level Expert Group report (www.hleg.de) recommended the establishment of a long term platform (MELODI: Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative) and of a European Network of Excellence (NoE, DoReMi: Low Dose Research for Multidisciplinary Integration) to address these questions.

The goals of MELODI (founded in 2009 and established as MELODI Association Loi 1901 in January 2010) are to contribute to the resolution of questions concerning low dose health risks from ionizing radiation in research areas identified by HLEG as the most relevant. These areas are:

  • Shape of dose-response curve for cancer,
  • Individual radiation sensitivity for cancer,
  • Non-cancer effects.

In addition, 3 cross cutting issues are considered:

  • Radiation quality,
  • Tissue sensitivity,
  • Internal emitters.

WP2 aims

As part of DoReMi, the main aim of WP2 is to help develop the MELODI platform for the long term promotion of interactive and integrative research on low dose health risks in Europe. To generate new dynamism and new interactions between scientists of different fields, DoReMi has initiated the following activities that will be further strengthened in MELODI:

  • development of a Joint Program of Integration
  • development of a Transitional Research Agenda (TRA) together with a Roadmap for DoReMi  activities, covering the main research issues identified by HLEG
  • development of a long term  Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for integrated low dose research in Europe and the corresponding Roadmap for MELODI,
  • development of suitable dissemination tools for spreading information, knowledge and excellence including open, interconnected, public websites for DoReMi and MELODI,
  • involvement of experts contributing additional and new expertise and integration of new partners.

WP2 activities

WP2 deals with the strategic planning of research as well as the dissemination activities. The RTD tasks are: the establishment and updating of a Joint Program of Integration (Task 2.1), and the establishment and updating of a Transitional Research Agenda and Joint Program of Research (Task 2.2). The dissemination tasks are: the establishment and updating of the Joint Program of Spreading Excellence (Task 2.3), and seeking support of experts and new partners for integration (Task 2.4). All 22 DoReMi partners participate in WP2 activities.

How can one join the DoReMi Network of Excellence?

DoReMi has planned three competitive calls for new partners. The first was organized in 2010, and ten new partners were selected to join the network. Further competitive calls are planned for years 2012 and 2014. The competitive calls are organized and evaluated according to the rules of the Seventh Framework programme of the European Atomic Energy Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities contributing to the creation of the European Research Area and to Innovation (2007-2011). The proposals are evaluated by the External Advisory Board of DoReMi.

Are there other ways to participate in DoReMi activities?

DoReMi is engaging with the scientific community by openly sharing the Transitional Research Agenda and by organizing open workshops. External experts are frequently invited in exploratory workshops where new lines of research are identified and discussed. DoReMi is also organizing training courses on low dose risk that are open to European students and beyond. The DoReMi website serves as a source of information on a number of topics of relevance for the low dose research community and scientific exchanges of new ideas.

How to show your competence and interest in DoReMi?

If your organization wishes to show its interest in the low dose risk area, please, fill in and send us the structured questionnaire. This voluntary information contributes to the survey of existing research and competencies in Europe. The responders will receive DoReMi Newsletters as well as information on the activities of DoReMi and MELODI, such as research agendas, calls, workshops and training events.

Subscribing the DoReMi Newsletter

You can subscribe the Newsletter by sending a message to doremi@stuk.fi