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WP6 Individual sensitivities


  • To provide the molecular and experimental evidence needed to assess the plausibility of radiation protection practices that incorporate variables specific to the individual in assessing risk at low doses and low dose rates.

As per the HLEG roadmap we will focus on identifying the causes and contribution of heritable differences in the sensitivity of individuals to the carcinogenic effects of low doses and low dose rates.

WP6 will also work within MELODI to coordinate activities in characterising individual susceptibility with international research efforts with the existing low dose programmes in the US and Japan.


Overall approach

DoReMi will focus on genetic/environment and lifestyle effects, leaving age/gender effects to national funding and/or additional EURATOM research coordinated by MELODI.

Exploratory studies to provide a study platform for molecular epidemiology will be complemented by experimental studies to understand how genetic susceptibility modifiers act.

The potential for including individual parameters in risk modelling, the action of modifiers on responses to low dose rates, and the contribution of indirect factors (environment and lifestyle) will all be considered as topics for future DoReMi calls. Molecular epidemiological studies will be designed and implemented using the DoReMi epidemiological cohort(s), whilst new areas for research on individual sensitivity will be explored by holding four thematically focussed workshops.